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“The Hero Within”
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He hadn’t a worry in the world until he received a deadly diagnosis. Would one man’s faith get him through the fear?
Craig Huber was living the dream. Now a hard-working sales professional with an unswervingly supportive and caring wife by his side, after nearly two decades serving as a full-time minister in Central and South America, he knew how blessed his life had been. But when odd physical symptoms sent him to the doctor, his heart sank at the crippling words of his physician: late-stage liver disease.
Told he didn’t stand a shot at survival without a transplant, Craig and his family struggled to keep their patience as they waited for test results. So when he got the coveted call announcing a donor match, the determined fighter rolled up his sleeves for the long and arduous road to recovery.
In this uplifting account of courage and strength, transplant survivor Craig Huber walks readers down the unpredictable path of a harrowing medical ordeal. And with an unwavering belief in God’s plan, this inspiring man’s story will remind you that every hurdle is only a step in becoming the strongest and most fulfilled version of yourself.
The Hero Within is a powerful memoir of rising above life’s toughest obstacles and finding determination. If you like open and honest experiences, organ donor insights, and heartwarming second chances, then you’ll love Craig W. Huber’s eye-opening journey of healing.
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